About Grace Counseling

Broken  Grace  Hope

The Fall in the Garden has Broken us.
When you feel Broken, God is a God of healing.

The Cross in the Gospel Graces us.
When you feel powerless, God is a God of Grace.

The Promised Future gives us Hope.
When you feel dark, God is a God of Hope.

A definition of grace is God’s gracious gift of Himself and His power so that we can do what is right. Read that definition again and think about God gracing you through this difficult period.
Isn’t this grace exactly what you need? God’s grace is sufficient and Grace Counseling will aid you in being gripped by God’s grace.

The Word of God is adequate and sufficient, able to repair and restore your life to the abundance God originally designed you to live. This is key at Grace Counseling.

Grace Counseling Staff

Jerry Purviance

Jerry has his license with the State of Missouri and is Board Certified with the American Association of Christian Counselors. 

He counsels in many areas of need including: Depression, Marriage, Pornography, Premarital,  ADHD, Anxiety, Parenting, Grief, Trauma, Abuse, AngerAdultery, Bipolar, and Eating Disorders. He is also a certified play-therapist.

He seeks to be biblical, relational, and practical for you. Here is an article defining his  philosophy for biblical counseling. His approach is to be biblically and clinically descriptive with firm biblical prescriptions. He believes the Word of God to be the true authoritative answer to the true needs, desires, and design for mankind. Psalm 19: 7-11 outlines the efficacy and power of God’s word.  2 Timothy 3:16,17 declares the effectiveness of God’s Word to change our lives.

As much as possible, Jerry’s goal is for you know God, be loved by God and to love Him, to experience His truth which can set you free, and to have a sound and healthy lifestyle that glorifies the Lord.

MACO (Master’s in Counseling) from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
MS in Biblical Counseling from Calvary Theological Seminary
BA in Elementary Education from Calvary Bible College

45 years of marriage to Pat, a daughter, a son, a daughter-in-love, and 4 grandkids
10 years with a local church as a staff pastor
16 years on staff with a local college serving in administration and teaching
19 years with Grace Counseling
29 years as an elder at Sherwood Bible Church
Member of the Association of Biblical Counselors, American Association of Christian Counselors, Missouri Mental Health Association

Watches the CSI shows but balances the hard-edge realities with a cute dog named Sophi
Could live in Europe because he and his wife, Pat are late night “owls”
Wants to be buried at the Tetons or the Grand Canyon
Loves to bike and play racquetball but has a hard time getting to do either

Sin has broken us but Grace changes us and gives us hope