Philosophy Of Care

what does biblical counseling really mean

Definition of Biblical Counseling at Grace

  • depends upon the Holy Spirit
  • to interpret and apply God’s Word
  • about people, problems, and solutions
  • to human suffering and sin
  • with proper cultural observation and description
  • with proper prescriptions to equip people
  • to love God and
  • to love others
  • by increasing conformity to Christ
  • and communion with Christ and the Body of Christ forever.


  • At Grace, we look at each person comprehensively because God has created us as
  • Thinking(Cognitive)
  • Feeling(Emotional)
  • Deciding(Volitional)
  • Relating(Social)
  • Doing(Behavioral)
  • Breathing(Physical)
  • And most importantly, Worshipping (Spiritual) beings

At Grace, just as Jesus is a High Priest (Hebrews 4:15) who is sympathetic with our weakness
so that there can be grace to help in our need. So, also a Biblical counselor can be sympathetic,
graceful and helpful for our suffering and needs.

At Grace, we have trained and studied to know the various clinical definitions, profiles,
and definitions. Clinical knowledge and awareness helps us to guide you in the process
of Godly maturity for your life. If you have been “diagnosed” or not, we can work with you
for your clinical needs. Grace Counseling gives you “Biblical Counseling with a Clinical Edge.”