Standard Of Practice

standards of our biblical counseling practiceThe Lord Jesus clearly declared the greatest standard of practice for “professionals” or for people. Love the Lord your God with all of your heart, soul, mind, and might. Love my Neighbor as myself.

Therefore, Grace Counseling approaches counseling as a collaborative process between the client and counselor and the Triune God. At Grace, we seek to engage in trialogues (between 3), you, your counselor, and the living God. These conversations look at life from a Biblical perspective – God’s perspective.

Designed to address underlying problems of the heart rather than just outward symptoms, counseling equips individuals, couples, children, teens and families an opportunity to confront the issues in a safe, Christ-centered, and Word-oriented environment. Using and moving beyond coping and management skills, clients work to resolve the challenges they face with providing a greater sense of freedom, strength, wisdom, and Christ likeness to move toward a hopeful future. In this phase, the counselor listens, gathers information, and provides prescriptive tools and guidance.

Jerry adheres to the Ethical Guidelines of the AACC.